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The Gift Shop Is Now Open
by EandN

So!  We're looking at the first few strips here and if any of you fine folks have taken a moment to stop in and read this, we wanted to properly introduce ourselves.  This comic is written and drawn by the both of us and first and foremost, has been done out of nothing but love for Star Wars and all things sci-fi, really for all of geekdom, a land we've both long been residents.  A great writer and comedian once said something about making yourself laugh first, and the people will laugh with you.  Or something like that.  We hope we've succeeded here.  We're hoping to update at the rate of about 1 a week so check back here or subrscribe to Xander's twitter feed here!/DeathStarGftShp  for his musings and thoughts on life from the dark side of retail. 

Hope you enjoy!


E & N

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